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Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management

Supply Management is a key factor in creating a competitive service provider or solution.  There are many aspects that need to be looked at when performing effective supply chain managemnt.

Elements of Supply Chain Management

Your Identity and Personnel
What is your company, and who are the key players? In defining these factors, we can help us with souring a solution to make you competive given your market conditions.

Your Physical Plant
This is a description of your business location, your rent/mortgage expenses, plus your maintenance and insurance costs, thus your TCO. We need to determine if you will require more space, and if your location gives you a competitive advantage over your nearset competitors. We help you analyze current and projected machinery, equipment, product, service, etc., to see what expenses you can anticipate.

Your Business
What exactly do we do? We examine each of your products and/or services in terms of percentage of your business and opportunities for growth and helps create a value chain based on profit and future potential. We help you formulate company milestones, including upcoming products and services in development. We describe your current product or service and what makes it unique and competitive. Effective soucing is key to making this a reality.

Raising Capital
Look at the loan officer or venture capital investor as someone who would write you the check you need if only he or she could see beyond your balance sheet. We can help! One of the most important elements remains your sourcing. The investor's mind is open and needs to be filled with a generous amount of knowledge about what really makes your company tick, and how they are going to get paid back (exit/payback strategy).

How DVBPRO Can Help

As consultants offering business plan, marketing plan and assistance in sourcing, we will expose you to various solution resources and options and help you communicate precisely how viable your business is.

We Know How To Help You Promote Yourself
We know that sometimes it is difficult to pat oneself on the back and appear credible. This should sound familiar, because you have already had these thoughts, "Even if I do find sources for venture capital, who will listen to me? They will want more than numbers, a solid written plan, and sound reasoning, all with some sizzle. But that's not what I do best. And if I ever need to be at my best, this is it".

Not all companies that are good investments obtain the capital they need to succeed, permoring great sourcing creates confidence. That is usually because they fail to communicate precisely how good an investment funds are going to be expensed. They fail in their capital quest not because of what they are, but because of what they are not. They're just not professional communicators and/or sourcing agents.

You Are The Star - We Are the Support
Our sullution will help you get the best out of your system integration.  TCO is the most important driving force our services can impact at the end.

If we take on your project,  DVBPro will make sure that you are exposed to proven sourcing resources which objectives will be aligned with your company's needs.

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