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Recent economic and financial volatility has challenged consulting firms and organizations to provide their customer with more and better services while at the same time reducing the costs of the finance function. In such circumstances, expert advice from an experienced technical/finance savvy consulting firm can be of great value to executives. DVBPRO provides major companies around the world with a range of technical/finance consulting services that help drive greater efficiency and effectiveness throughout their services functions. We perform studies ranging from CPTED Secure Concept Design, Lighting Designs, Alternative Energy Concepts to financial justifications which include ROI and Payback Periods in very efficiency manner.

DVBPRO stands for Consulting Service for World-Class Performance

DVBPRO works with leading global strategy and operations consulting firms with particular expertise in benchmarking, best practices implementation, and business transformation, across all back-office functions including finance, human resources, procurement, and IT. We offer an on-demand executive advisory program specifically tailored toward finance leaders, as well as hands-on finance consulting services in support of critical challenges such as:

  • Finance strategy
  • Light Planning
  • Security Design
  • Alternate Energy Studies
  • Organizational effectiveness
  • Working capital management
  • Supply Chain Management - Globalized process sourcing
  • Planning and performance management. The need for business performance management
  • Compliance

To learn more about DVBPro solutions consulting services, or our other back-office consulting services such as supply chain process optimization, strategic sourcing and more, contact us.

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